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WCG Clinical

WCG is a true partner to research sponsors, CROs, sites and participants in navigating the clinical research journey.

Leveraging our strong relationships, deep domain expertise, connected technology, and data intelligence we expand access, and enhance the quality, efficiency, and safety required to successfully advance research that saves and improves lives.

Our clients are the heroes that make it happen.

We improve lives by accelerating research, together.

The pioneer of independent ethical review, now the industry gold standard, WCG’s 55-year legacy of independent review solutions serves as the foundation on which we continually build to accelerate and improve the clinical research journey.

We lead the way by reimagining processes, optimizing quality and safety, strengthening productivity, and pioneering new solutions that leverage data and technology to accelerate research and impact global health.

WCG liberates study stakeholders from the constraints that risk trial efficacy while improving quality outcomes and efficiency through the process. Ninety percent of all clinical trials leverage our knowledge, highly specialized solutions, and data-driven insights to mitigate risk today for a more promising tomorrow.

Why we care so much:

When clinical trials don’t function correctly, life-saving ideas don’t become reality. Myriad issues can delay trials for months or years, to the point of preventing trials from completing altogether.

WCG’s solutions and expertise turn the tide, bringing life-saving solutions to life.  

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