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A Global Supplier Specializing in Design, Manufacture and Application of Bioactive Compounds.

We are a global technology and service provider that specializes in the design, manufacture, and application of bioactive compounds. Continuously expanding the application fields of core technologies in life science, in vitro diagnostics, bio-medicine, and exploratory business, we deliver comprehensive solutions for the diverse needs of our customers.

We keep our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground. As a team of fast learners and eager innovators, we embrace challenges and continuously improve our offerings. We spare no effort to deliver the best value for our customers, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and deliver on every promise we made.

Our journey began with the development of enzyme-based solutions. Since our founding in 2012, we have been dedicated to creating a better world through our reliable products and services. We believe a good purpose makes a good business, and good businesses make a better world.

This is our Journey and commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance. We take pride in conducting business the right way, with a steadfast dedication to benefiting society and our associates. We will continue to work towards empowering a sustainable future for our customers and the world.

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