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GERO.AI utilizes Whole-Exome Sequencing data for in-human AI Drug Discovery, while GeroSense is the arm of Gero creating Digital Biomarkers. You can find more about GeroSense on the dedicated website.

Our mission: Hacking Complex Diseases and Aging with AI for Drug Discovery and Digital Biomarkers

GERO.AI models are originating from the physics of complex dynamic systems. We have presented our unique approach in Frontiers in Genetics. We combine the potential of deep neural networks with the physical models to study dynamical processes and undersend what drives a disease.

Gero conducts high-quality research studies backed by collaboration with researchers from the leading global institutions such as the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Edinburgh, National University of Singapore, and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop new therapies. The company is a regular contributor to peer-reviewed journals, including recently accepted publication in Science.

Gero is funded by AI champions, including AIMATTER founders (recently acquired by Google). In 2019, Gero was also named one of the leading companies in artificial intelligence for lifespan extension along with Google and IBM.

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