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Emp Biotech

We manufacture an exclusive range of products for biotech, pharma, medtech, and research. Our strengths include columns and resins for biomolecule purification, oligonucleotide synthesis reagents, and fine chemicals. We apply our collective scientific curiosity, shared vision, and the highest quality standards to revolutionize the world of biotechnology. At emp BIOTECH, we understand what it means to change the world. Our customers are paving the way with life-saving advances in everything from cell-based immunotherapies to vaccines and beyond. We meticulously research, develop and manufacture the high-quality products and bespoke solutions needed to make this happen. Our work enables global science innovation. Our thriving company is built on more than just state-of-the-art tools and patented technologies. We’re built on our people: outside-the-box thinkers who generate great ideas and new solutions to age-old problems. We have experts of every creed – chemists, technicians, researchers, engineers, designers, and more – deeply involved in every aspect of emp BIOTECH‘s development. Quality assurance, transparent workflows and change control are standard because lasting relationships are built on trust.
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