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Advancing science is our purpose. Helping people is our passion.

At ChemGenes, we redefine the limits of scientific discovery, development and commercialization by manufacturing the broadest range of modified chemistries available in today's market. We produce building blocks of life used by scientists and physicians in academic institutions, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the globe, to accelerate breakthroughs, spark innovation and develop lifesaving diagnostics and medicines.

Established in 1981, ChemGenes is the world's most experienced DNA and RNA manufacturing company. As a trailblazer in nucleic acid research and synthesis for nearly half a century, ChemGenes has earned its position as a market leader in the field of nucleic acid chemistry.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located just North of Boston, ChemGenes is customer centric, nimble and well positioned to scale alongside our partners.

We've helped manufacturers introduce vital new medicines and – in an achievement with truly global implications – manufactured critical materials used in lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines and diagnostics.

But beyond even these accomplishments, what sets us apart is our compassionate approach toward our customers, vendors and employees. We are a potent force for good, a close-knit and supportive team whose commitment to science, innovation and discovery is matched by – perhaps even exceeded by – our passion for helping people and changing lives for the better.

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