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Our unconventional origins Part of getting to know Biorasi is to know our origin story. From the very beginning we were different: a band of entrepreneurs, very few emigrating from other CROs, seeking to disrupt what we saw as a slow, technologically challenged and altogether unimaginative industry. In Biorasi, we sought to change all of that. We broke down the clinical trial process, task by task, and rebuilt it. We developed a unique insight into why trials fail by performing study rescues, and then used that insight to improve our process. From there, we expanded both functionally and geographically, always with the purpose to improve upon our service to our partners. SINCE OUR FOUNDING IN 2002, WE HAVE BEEN RECOGNIZED BY OUR PARTNERS FOR OUR SPEED AND AGILITY. Our passion is finding efficient, timely and quality solutions for our partners’ most challenging programs. The process of disruption that we began long ago is still ongoing — we are never finished. Today, we are still a nontraditional, unconventional CRO that proudly claims to the fastest, most responsive global CRO in the industry. Forged in rescue for rare disease It is no surprise that the programs Biorasi was called upon to save from the brink of failure were not the easy ones. The experience we gained rescuing some of the most difficult to execute clinical trials taught us how to be nimble and flexible while still delivering the quality that our partners expect in their clinical trials. These skills proved essential to the execution of rare disease clinical trials then and remain core to the successful execution of our partners’ studies today.
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