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Single Cell Tecnology

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Single Cell Technology is today a leading antibody discovery service provider with a pioneering platform that can accelerate the process and capture all available data. The spirit of the original barcode idea lives on in our ingeniously engineered AbTheneum™ platform, which makes it possible to precisely track the location and data associated with each and every cell on a 90,000-well device. We worked closely with pharmaceutical companies and CROs to validate AbTheneum and ensure it provides real-world benefits to our clients and customers. Our big breakthrough came in 2015, when we first demonstrated end-to-end capabilities for parallel sequencing of cells with their respective secreted antibodies. Since then, Single Cell has run a wide range of discovery campaigns with our partners, sequencing millions of antibodies in the process. Our goal is to use the tools we’ve created, and the massive amounts of data it delivers, to establish a new paradigm in antibody discovery. We’re passionate about pushing our technology forward so that we can support your efforts to uncover hidden connections, generate life-changing insights and improve human health.

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