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Ablexis and AlivaMab Biologics

Ablexis and AlivaMab Biologics (AMB) together offer exceptional, integrated capabilities in efficient, successful biologics drug discovery. Our platforms include a suite of transgenic mice, “AlivaMab® Mouse”, coupled with biologics drug discovery and engineering capabilities for:

  • Classic antibody structures
  • Single domain VH human antibodies
  • Common light chain bispecific antibodies
  • scFv and Fab formats
  • TCR mimic antibodies
  • Diverse panels of CD3 and PD-L1 antibodies ready for engineering into multispecifics

Our platforms are well-validated, including:

  • Over a dozen biologics entered in clinical trials by our partners; the most advanced now in Phase 2
  • Discovery of antibodies for advanced modalities including membrane multi-spanners (GPCRs, 4-spanners, other transporters), TCR mimics, multispecifics, ADC, CARs, immunocytokines, agonists and antagonists
  • Superiority (quality, speed) over other transgenic animal and in vitro display discovery platforms
  • Fit-for-Purpose discovery platforms including high-throughput “Function-First”, “Diversity-First”, and single B-cell cloning “Sequence-First”.
  • CD3 and PD-L1 antibodies with requisite functional and drug-like qualities
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