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Yu Qiu

Yu Qiu

Digital Biologics Advanced Application Lead, Sanofi
Yu Qiu is currently the Head of AI innovation for Antibody at Sanofi. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry from USTC in 2012, where he mainly used NMR and crystallography to study protein structure and dynamics. Then he moved to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a postdoc where he studied a Ubiquitin-like protein conjugation cascade in autophagy by biochemistry, enzymology, crystallography and EM. In 2017, Yu became a Senior Scientist in the Biologics Research department of Sanofi. At Sanofi, he solves structures of antibody-antigen complexes by crystallography and cryoEM and provides structure-based antibody engineering support to projects in multiple therapeutic areas. Since 2022, he has led a global team focusing on AI innovation for antibody repertoire mining, engineering, multi-specifics design, developability prediction, and de novo design.