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Vito Genna

Vito Genna

Director of North America, Nostrum Biodiscovery
Dr. Vito Genna earned his PhD in Computational Biochemistry from the University of Bologna in 2017, while a dedicated PhD candidate at the Italian Institute of Technology. His research spans Europe, focusing on natural and non-natural nucleic acids; pharmaceutical significance. He collaborated with institutions like FZJ Julich, EPFL Lausanne, and MRC Laboratories, Cambridge. In 2018, he received the Long-Term Fellowship from EMBO, working with Prof. Modesto Orozco at IRB Barcelona on catalytically active nucleic acids. Since 2022, he directs the Nucleic Acids Department at Nostrum Biodiscovery, driving therapeutically-relevant oligonucleotides and derivatives. With expertise in quantum-based calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, and free-energy.