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Udaya Rangaswamy

Udaya Rangaswamy

Director Translational Biology, Rondo Therapeutics

Udaya Rangaswamy is Director of Translational biology at Rondo Therapeutics, a start-up focused on advancing the immuno-oncology field by developing novel multi-specific engagers for solid tumors. Prior to Rondo, Udaya was a Principal Scientist at Amgen following Amgen’s acquisition of Teneobio in 2021. Between both Amgen and Teneobio, Udaya has led oncology programs taking T cell engager molecules from lead optimization through first-in-human studies, including three programs currently active in the clinic. Prior to Teneobio, Udaya was a post-doc at MedImmune/Astrazeneca working on mechanisms of oncolytic virotherapy. Udaya received her PhD in microbiology and molecular genetics from Emory University and her thesis work identified novel signaling pathways driving the pathogenesis of an oncogenic viral protein.