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Seiga Ohmine Ph.D.

Seiga Ohmine Ph.D.

Global Head of Technical Sales, WuXi Advanced Therapies
Seiga Ohmine, Ph.D. is a biotech and pharmaceutical professional with a diverse background in the life sciences industry. He joined WuXi Advanced Therapies as the Global Head of Technical Sales in 2023. Dr. Ohimine joined WuXi after holding roles as Executive Director & US Head of Business Development Biologics and CGT at Pharmaron and Vice President of APAC Commercial and Global Distribution at Eurofins Discovery. Prior to that, he worked as a Biotech/Biodevice Consultant at JSO TransPacific. He has held various roles at DiscoveRx and also worked at Mayo Clinic as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and a Siebens Foundation Ph.D. Fellow, focusing on molecular characterization, safety assessment for stem cell applications, and gene therapy engineering. Seiga holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with a specialization in Virology and Gene Therapy from Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. He also completed a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University.