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Radhakrishna Bettadapura

Radhakrishna Bettadapura

Vice President, Business Development, Strand Life Sciences

Radhakrishna Bettadapura has a PhD in Computational Biology and a strong background in computer science, mechanical engineering, and immunology. Radhakrishna has co-authored multiple publications and patents in the fields of 3D electron microscopy, cancer drug response, and weighted extended B-spline finite element methods. He is passionate about solving genomics problems and applying generative deep learning methods to genomics applications. Radhakrishna is also interested in sales processes and how to effectively communicate the value proposition of our products and services to our clients and partners. 

As the VP of Business Development at Strand Life Sciences, Radhakrishna has over eight years of experience in initiating, negotiating, and closing business deals for the Research Informatics division. He manages high-value accounts and identifies new business opportunities within each account while aligning the business strategy with the company's vision and mission.