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Pavan Ramkumar

Pavan Ramkumar

Director of Machine Learning, Herophilus

Pavan Ramkumar is a practitioner and leader of computational science in drug discovery, most recently at Herophilus, where he led the machine learning arm of a techbio platform for brain organoid-based therapeutics discovery in CNS disease. He is also the founder and CEO of Litquest, a stealth mode startup, building a co-pilot research tool and system of record for drug hunters. Previously, he played a founding data science role at Balbix, a silicon valley cybersecurity company and helped ship its first product for the Fortune 2000 enterprise customer. Pavan has 10 years of academic experience, while earning a PhD in computational neuroscience from Aalto University, Finland and training as a postdoc at Northwestern University and has published several peer-reviewed papers in both biomedical science and machine learning.