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Michael F. Goldberg

Michael F. Goldberg

Director of Immunology, BostonGene

Michael Goldberg, PhD joined the R&D department at BostonGene in 2020 as the director of Immunology. He has led the development of a comprehensive immunoprofiling platform from the peripheral blood of cancer patients in a CLIA setting. His group is focused on discovering novel blood-based immune biomarkers for immunotherapy response prediction. Before joining BostonGene, Dr. Goldberg worked on pre-clinical mechanism of action research at Evelo Biosciences. He completed his post-doc at the University of Minnesota Center for Immunology in 2018 and received his PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2013. He received his MS in Microbiology from Georgetown University and a BA in Physical Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.