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Colby Souders

Colby Souders

Chief Scientific Officer, BrickBio
Colby holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Texas A&M and has focused his career on the discovery and development of biologics for the clinic. He first joined MassBiologics to lead discovery programs, develop platform technologies, and advance monoclonal antibodies in the pipeline, including 2217LS for Lyme disease PrEP (Phase II/III clinical trials). He then joined the Protein Engineering team at Kanyos Bio (now Anokion) to develop therapeutics based on a novel antigen-specific immune tolerance platform leading to KAN-101 for celiac disease (Phase II trials). In 2018, Colby joined Abveris Antibody. As the Chief Scientific Officer he helped build the scientific platform to successfully complete hundreds of antibody discovery campaigns, and in 2021 Abveris was acquired by Twist Bioscience. He is now the Chief Scientific Officer at BrickBio, where core technology is leveraged to create next generation antibody and protein conjugates for therapeutic development.