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Aneeta Saxena

Aneeta Saxena

Medical Director (Epilepsy and Neurodevelopment), Biogen
Dr. Aneeta Saxena is a board certified epileptologist with a subspeciality in psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. Dr. Saxena graduated from St. George’s University Medical School in 2009 and completed her residency in Neurology at Tulane University. She went onto complete fellowship at NYU sub specializing in epilepsy and at Yale University with a focus in critical care EEG monitoring. As an attending physician she founded and served as Director of the Multidisciplinary Non-epileptic Seizure program at VA Boston Epilepsy Center of Excellence and served as the Chief of Epilepsy at Boston University. Currently she is an Associate Medical Director at Biogen on the Epilepsy and Neurodevelopmental Disorders team and is the medical lead for the clinical development of therapeutics in several monogenic disorders.

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