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Amrita Pati

Amrita Pati

Senior Director, Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostics, Amgen

Amrita Pati heads Computational Biology for Precision Medicine at Amgen. Her work focusses on the delivery of expert insights from high-content clinical and biomarker data to support therapeutic development at Amgen in Oncology, CMDs, Inflammation and Rare Disease TAs. Before Amgen, she led algorithm development for Oncology and NIPT NGS assays and software at Roche. Prior to that, she led the OMICs Analysis Group at the DOE Joint Genome Institute, where she focused on high-throughput omics data analysis, natural product biosynthesis and the discovery of new organisms in the wild in metagenomes.
Amrita received her Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from Virginia Tech and has authored more than 300 scientific publications.