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Next generation antibodies addressing the road blocks for first generations

17 Jun 2024
Salon B
Lead Identification & Optimization
  • A large number of early-stage antibody-based candidates mediate multiple effects in one drug (i.e. bi/multi-specifics, ADCs, cytokine conjugates, fusion proteins, etc.) – what formats and combinatorial modalities offer the most promise as future clinical candidates?
  • Many options exist for affinity tuning and Fc engineering – which are best practice and when/how should they be used during drug development?
  • Predicting efficacy and tolerability with preclinical experiments is challenging for some antibody-based modalities – what new models (in vitro or in vivo) are available to characterize these formats more accurately?
  • The antibody field has struggled to introduce new, efficient delivery mechanisms – does gene therapy, mRNA or advanced molecular formulations provide a benefit for certain antibody-based therapeutics?
Industry Expert
Colby Souders, Chief Scientific Officer - BrickBio