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Antibody selection for complex membrane targets

17 Jun 2024
Salon F
Emerging Technologies
Antibody selection for complex membrane targets
  • Antibody discovery vs complex antigens that cannot be easily purified remains a challenge.
  • Does the lack of available material limit the targets that are pursued?
  • Would a consistent source of properly folded, stable, clean antigen source improve the success rates for these discovery campaigns?
  • There are some options available (VLPs, Nanodiscs, DSCLs, SMALPs), however each has its limitations.
    • VLPs in particular are limited by the incorporation of cellular proteins which can result in considerable background during immunization and selection
    • Nanodiscs- expose scaffold and intracellular epitopes
    • DSCLs- detergent solubilization can affect native conformation
    • SMALPs-pH sensitivity, precipitation, detergent use
  • What are the best technologies and solutions to improve the material used for these projects?
Industry Expert
Ernest Smith, Senior Vice President Research & CSO - Vaccinex