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We are a rapidly growing antibody engineering company specializing in the creation of exceptional antibody libraries, using next-generation sequencing for quality control at all steps of construction and validation. Our patented Generation 3 Antibody Library Discovery Platform yields drug-like antibodies directly from selections, minimizing the need for downstream affinity and biophysical engineering. Our partners are provided with exclusive libraries, each created from a unique donor diversity set not used for any other library, ensuring that each Generation 3 library is one of a kind. We also offer antibody library platforms in Fab, scFv and VHH formats, with the scFv and Fab formats also available in a fixed light chain format, and new libraries with novel formats and functionalities under development. In addition to in-house antibody library designs, we also collaborate closely with partners to create custom libraries in which essential elements are optimized according to partner needs. The power of the Generation 3 Platform may be accessed by engaging Specifica to execute antibody discovery and optimization campaigns, or by full transfer of the platform technology. Additionally, our recently introduced AbXtractTM, a powerful suite of antibody informatics tools, through its software partner OpenEye. Specifica is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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