US Immuno-Oncology Strategy Meeting
Philadelphia, March 14, 2018

Welcome to hubXchange’s inaugural Immuno-Oncology Strategy Meeting in Philadelphia, bringing together executives from pharma and biotech as well as thought leaders from academia to address and find solutions to the key issues faced in developing immuno-oncology drugs.

Take advantage of this unique highly interactive meeting format designed for maximum engagement, collaboration and networking with your peers.


Confirmed Facilitators include:

  • William Hearl, President & Chief Executive Officer, Immunomic Therapeutics
  • Ramon Mohanlal, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals
  • Robert Iannone, Senior Vice President, Head of Immuno-Oncology, Global Medicines Development, AstraZeneca
  • Andres Guiterrez, Chief Medical Officer, Oncolytics Biotech
  • Stefan Scherer, Vice President, Head Early Development Strategy & Innovation, Novartis
  • Cristian Massacesi, Vice President, Asset Team Leader, Immuno-Oncology, Pfizer
  • Teng Jin Ong, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Celgene
  • Harry Raftopoulos, Vice President, Translational Medicine – Immuno-Oncology, Bayer
  • Charles Sentman, Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, Dartmouth Medical School
  • Cori Gorman, Vice President, Precision Medicine & Manufacturing, Agenus Bio
  • Jeffrey Skolnik, Vice President, Clinical Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals
  • Abdel Halim, Vice President, Translational Medicine, Biomarkers & Diagnostics, Celldex Therapeutics
  • Ildiko Csiki, Vice President, Clinical Development, Immuno-Oncology, Inovio Pharmaceuticals
  • Maria Karasarides, Executive Director, Immuno-Oncology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Roopa Srinivasan, Senior Director, Head of Translational Research, Immuno-Oncology R&D, GlaxoSmithKline


                                                                                           PLATINUM SPONSOR

Mitra RxDx, Inc. is a global leader in advancing truly personalized oncology treatment. The company’s CANscript™ platform recreates a patient’s own tumor microenvironment in vitro, measures multiple parameters to determine whether a tumor is responding to customer selected treatments, and then converts these parameters into a single score that predicts clinical response to each of the customer selected therapies.

CANscript delivers powerful, individualized treatment response predictions — with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcomes — to inform patient-specific cancer treatment selection and support more effective and efficient cancer drug development.

Founded in 2010, Mitra is headquartered in Greater Boston and maintains a significant research and laboratory presence in Bengaluru, India.

                                                                                    GOLD SPONSOR

Pelago Bioscience AB was founded to provide and develop the patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA®) for use in the determination and quantification of drug–target interactions. The company delivers in-situ target engagement studies to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Using CETSA® data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies can make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages. This reduces time and money spent on sub optimal compounds and allows faster development of more efficacious new drugs.

Pelago offers 3 assay formats CETSA® Classics and CETSA® HT are used to measure drug-target engagement against identified protein targets. The method works with any sample matrix (cell lines, primary cell lines, solid tissue or patient derived material) and can be applied to a wide variety of target classes. CETSA® MS, also known as thermal proteome profiling, is a mass spectrometry based derivation of CETSA®. It can analyse the systemic effect of a drug on up to 6000 key proteins. Measuring not just the direct binding of drug to proteins but also the subsequent downstream consequences of the initial target engagement. This unbiased proteome wide profiling makes it ideal for target de-convolution, toxicity & biomarker studies.

                                                                                                         SILVER SPONSOR

ImmunXperts offers a wide range of Immunology services with a strong focus on immunogenicity, cell therapy and immuno-oncology. The offerings include in vitro assays to assess the immunogenic potential of test molecules using T cell activation and proliferation assays as a surrogate marker for the induction of Anti-Drug-Antibodies.

For immuno-oncology, ImmunXperts develops in vitro assays to assess the functionality of candidates. ImmunXperts is your partner of choice for the development and customization of cellular and molecular assays, and for assistance with protocol optimization and in-house training. ImmunXperts also provides services for isolation and cryopreservation of biological samples such as PBMC.

                                                                                                      BRONZE SPONSORS

The most efficient path to the clinic for an oncology therapy may not be that clear when you begin. In vitro, ex vivo, human xenograft, syngeneic, patient derived xenografts, humanized models, immunology considerations, safety regulations – which ones do you need to plan for and when? Which apply to your therapy? Understanding the basics of each takes time, which you have very little of.
Charles River is dedicated to guiding oncology researchers, leveraging our unmatched portfolio of in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo models, and expertise in immunology with the addition of KWS Biotest, providing a comprehensive offering of translational oncology discovery services.

Carterra™ is the leading provider of innovative Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based technology for mAb discovery and characterization. Carterra’s high throughput LSA Array SPR platform combines patented microfluidics technology with real-time SPR, enabling single unattended runs for: >1,000 kinetic interactions; 384×384 epitope binning; >1,000 quantitation measurements; 384 epitope mapping. Combined with our unique data analysis and visualization software, the platform delivers the highest throughput and data quality available for mAb characterization, while using minimal sample. Carterra’s LSA provides mAb characterization throughput to match the output of the current generation of mAb expression platforms, enabling all antibodies to be rapidly and comprehensively screened so that unique epitopes and potential novel therapeutic candidates are not missed, while expanding IP coverage.

CRO Analytics speeds clinical trials and reduces their costs through its cloud-based clinical trial performance analytics software platform, Performer™.
Sponsors, service providers, and sites use data collected and reported through its stakeholder-oriented modules.
Granular, trial-level insights from trial planning through close-out help study teams, functional, and executive users drive meaningful improvement in clinical trial timelines, budgets, and research relationships.
Users trust Performer™ to provide:
• Rigorous service quality predictive modeling
• Accurate, fair and transparent methodology
• Actionable, granular data enables targeted solutions
• True leading indicators

Accelovance is an award-winning, clinical development CRO focused on oncology and immunological vaccine programs across phase I-IV. Accelovance has conducted more than 150 oncology and hematology clinical trials across the globe, spanning a full range of tumor types. The team’s immuno-oncology experience includes immune checkpoint modulators, cellular immunotherapies, oncolytic viruses, peptide vaccines, and bispecific T-cell engagers.
The HERO™ Initiative by Accelovance is a specialized early phase oncology program providing emerging and established biotech and pharmaceutical companies an accelerated means of advancing their early phase cancer compounds through clinical testing. With HERO™, clients benefit from automated technologies and systems, tailored to early phase oncology studies, to expedite trials while keeping costs down.
Additionally, access to the best oncology sites gets you the patients you need, faster and easier than before. Accelovance’s oncology experts work with you to customize your protocol and study design for an optimal outcome. Accelovance provides clients with the scale, expertise, and senior management commitment to maintain immediate and consistent engagement with your team at all times throughout the course of your program, to ensure the successful execution and delivery of your oncology studies

MRM Proteomics Inc. is at the leading edge of precision proteomics technology. We offer a wide range of research services and easy-to-use PeptiQuant Plus proteomics kits for do-it-yourself protein quantitation. We are also currently involved in developing clinical diagnostics. Our technologies include: MRM-MS with paired heavy/light peptide standards for high-precision highly-multiplexed quantitation of hundreds of proteins from low-volume samples; Patented iMALDI-MS technology for robust high-throughput clinical proteomics; HDX structural characterization of proteins and biosimilars, approaching single-residue resolution; and Tissue imaging of peptides and >500 lipids using innovative matrices and techniques (patent pending). Our mission is to offer the highest quality of proteomics technologies on the market today. Although our services fit with many diverse applications, we recognize that research projects are not “one-size-fits-all.” Our expertise allows us to offer custom-tailored solutions for your specific research needs.


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